Meet The Team


Chair:          Charles Cilia     MVO., MBA(Leici)., Dip.LIS., FInstPM(UK) 

Secretary:  Marcon Cassar M.Sc(Training & HR), BA(Youth and Community Studies)

Member:     Mario Mallia     M.Ed., B.Ed(Hons)., PG.D.E.A.M.

Member:     Andrew Azzopardi     Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip. Social Work

Member:     Elena Borg     BA(Hons) Social Work & Psychtherapy

Member:     Eric Saliba     MA(Lond) Inclusive Education, BA(Youth & Community Studies), Dip. Political Studies.

Member:     Saviour Grima     BA.Theology & Human Studies, BA(Hons) Theology & Human Studies, Dip. ICT.


Senior Management Team

Roderick Agius– Chief Executive Officer

Roderick Agius, B.A., P.G.C.E., Dip. Sch. Couns. is the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Educational Services. He took up this role in July 2008. Mr Agius is a qualified teacher and counsellor, and before joining the Foundation, he spent 16 years working in Church Schools in Malta. He also lectured at the University of Malta. Mr Agius has been heavily involved in the local voluntary sector. In 1988, he joined the Third World Group where he regularly worked in non-formal educational projects. He also helped to set up Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust, the only Fair Trade organisation in Malta and Kopin, an NGO specialising in overseas development. Mr Agius was also the Vice President of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession (MACP) where he was responsible for training. Presently Mr Agius is the President of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Church in Malta. Mr Agius had also served on the Fostering Board within the Ministry for Social Policy. Mr Agius is currently reading for a Masters Degree in Public Policy.


Rachel Schembri, Senior Executive Officer – Parental Empowerment Programmes

Rachel Schembri is currently Senior Executive within the Foundation for Educational Services (FES). She is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all Parental Empowerment Programmes, which include the NWAR, Id f’Id, Ħilti, Malta Writing Progremme (after-school initiatives) and Klabb Naħla. She is also Project Leader of the ESF Project LLEEP, Lifelong Learning for Enhanced Employability for Parents, coordinates the formal learning initiatives within the SPARKLET Project and represents the FES within the ENIL network. After attending the Invitational Institute in 2006, she joined the FES as Programme Coordinator of the Malta Writing Programme and was involved in the implementation of day-school and after-school programmes. She has led and participated in writing workshops for student teachers, teachers, parents and children. Rachel received further training by attending the National Writing Project Annual Meeting in New York in 2007, the Advanced Invitational Institute in 2008 where she trained as a teacher consultant and teacher trainer. She also attended intensive training at the Universtiy of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2009. Rachel graduated as a Primary school teacher in 1995, she later obtained a Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy and is currently reading for a Masters in Adult Education. 


Ruth Baldacchino, Senior Executive Officer – Before and After School Initiatives

Ruth Baldacchino has been Senior Executive at FES since 2009. As Senior Executive, Ruth is primarily responsible with the setting up and co-ordination of Klabb 3-16. Before FES, Ruth worked primarily in NGO organisational development and strategic planning, and previously worked in direct service provision with separating couples/families through the Family Mediation Service (Ireland). Ruth has been active with a national NGO (voluntary capacity) for the past 11 years and held a number of Board positions within European and Global non-governmental organisations. Ruth is Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta within the Department of Sociology (Faculty of Arts) and the Department of Youth and Community Studies (Faculty for Social Well-Being). Ruth holds a B.A. (Hons.) degree in Sociology from the University of Malta, an M.A. in Women’s Studies from the University College Dublin and is currently reading for a PhD in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. Ruth’s research interests include gender and queer studies, feminist theories, migration, social justice and social movements, and ethnographic research and methodologies.


Frances Mallia, Senior Executive Officer - Childcare

Frances currently holds the position of Senior Executive Childcare with the Foundation for Educational Services; a role she took up in February 2010 when FES took over the responsibility of childcare provision. Frances Mallia is a Social Worker by profession and started working as a social worker in 1996. After a few months as a residential social worker at St. Patrick’s Residential School for Boys, she started working with the then Family Department as a field social worker. From there she was asked to work as a residential social worker at Programm Fejda. After a couple of years, Frances became Head of Care of the same Programme and held this position till 2006. During these years, the Management had opened two residential setups for asylum seekers who were minors. Frances helped in the setting up of these homes and was the Head of Care. In 2006, Frances moved to the Department for Social Welfare Standards and was the co-ordinator of the assessment unit within DSWS for 3 years. During the last year at DSWS, Frances became the acting Manager of the assessment unit. During her career, Frances worked closely with Department of Social Work within the University of Malta to help train social worker students.


Joyce Mifsud, Senior Executive Officer – Youth Initiative

Joyce’s career started by spending twenty years being involved in Management in various industries. Before joining FES, Joyce, who is a qualified Social Worker was involved in practically all fields and aspects within the social work remit, however her areas of expertise have always been children and young adults as well as individuals with different abilities. Since 2000 and prior to moving to FES, Joyce held  different positions within FSWS Agenzija Appogg and Agenzija Sapport, mainly as social worker at CPS,  Leader within 'Looked after children', Court Services and High Support Services and also as Manager at the Day Centres for persons with disabilities.  Joyce is also a Board member of Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja.


Ray Fava - Senior Executive Officer - Human Resources, Administration and Corporate Affairs 

Ray Fava spent most of his working life, prior to being employed by FES, at Telemalta/Maltacom/GO.  His career in that Corporation started off in 1977 as a clerk and he slowly rose to the Senior Management post of Company Secretary reporting to the Chairman and the Board of Directors.  During the 34 years working there, he worked in most of the company’s Finance and Administrative Divisions where he gained vast experience in Senior and Middle Management.

In 1996 he was conferred with the Diploma in Labour Studies, in 2001 he was conferred with the BA in Youth & Community Studies and in 2004 he was conferred with the Master of Social Sciences Degree in Training & HR Management by the University of Leicester. His expertise in the final ten years prior to his departure focussed on Maltacom becoming a listed company on two stock exchanges. As part of this remit, Ray received training in London and in New York with The Bank of New York in Global Depository Receipts, as well as at the London Stock Exchange, and also delivered specialised lectures in Corporate Governance in New Delhi and Sharm El Sheik.

In 2012, Ray was employed by FES as the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer where he was mostly focussed on the HR function.  In summer of 2013 Ray was appointed Senior Executive – HR, Administration & Corporate Affairs. 

Ray is an accomplished Judoka, which sport he has been active in for the past 36 years and is a Black Belt 4th Dan.  He has represented Malta, the last time being in May 2013 in the European Judo Kata Championships.  He also used to be an accomplished marathon runner, having run all the first ten Malta Marathons. He is also an avid reader specialising in history, judo, renaissance art and architecture, economic and social history; aviation and political philosophy.  Needless to say industrial relations and trade unionism are also his forte. Ray is also passionate about classical music especially baroque.


Programme Co-ordinators

Annabel Desira, Programme Co-ordinator – Parental Empowerment Programmes

Annabel is responsible for the co-ordination of NWAR, Id f’Id, Ħilti, Malta Writing Programme after-school initiatives and Klabb Naħla. Annabel graduated as a teacher of Maltese in 2000, and has taught Maltese and Italian for 10 years at St. Albert the Great College. Following her degree in education, she received further training within the DeBono Foundation and Let Me Learn (Malta) amongst others. Annabel is currently reading for a Masters Degree in Adult Education at the University of Malta. She joined FES in 2006 as a Malta Writing Programme Tutor. In 2008, Annabel participated at a Council of Europe workshop regarding Holocaust Studies and consequently developed a booklet of resources for teachers. In 2010, she also participated in a Pestalozzi project in Strasbourg and is now a Pestalozzi Trainer promoting the “Head, Heart and Hand” philosophy. She is a member of the Forum of Writing Teacher Leaders. Annabel is a keen writer and has had her work published in Fewġiet, an anthology of writings by teachers. Most of her writings were published in educational magazines.


Suzanne Vassallo, Programme Co-ordinator – Childcare

Suzanne Vassallo graduated from the University of Malta, in 2002, with a B.Sc. (Honours) in Communication Therapy and from the University of Sheffield (UK), in 2010, with a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education.  She has over twenty years’ experience working in the field of early childhood education as a playschool assistant, early intervention tutor for children with disability, speech language pathologist and childcare centre coordinator.  She also participated in a Leonardo da Vinci Project in 2006, which consisted of a work placement in a paediatric speech language clinic in UK.  Suzanne took up the post of Programme Coordinator (Childcare), within the Foundation for Educational Services, in March 2011.

Alexia Spiteri, Programme Co-ordinator – Before and After School Initiatives


Bernard Zarb, Programme Co-ordinator - Funding and EU Projects


Administrative Staff

  1. Anna Coppola, Administrative Officer
  2. Monica Mallia, Administrative Officer
  3. Lorraine Sultana, Administrative Officer
  4. Rita Azzopardi, Programme Secretary
  5. Marvic Ellul, Programme Secretary
  6. Muriel Grech, Programme Secretary
  7. Deborah Sant, Programme Secretary
  8. Leanne Vassallo, Programme Secretary
  9. Myriam Vassallo, Programme Secretary
  10. Karmenu Bonello, General Hands & Maintenance
  11. Ray Bonnici, General Hands & Maintenance
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