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What Is Klabb 3-16?

Klabb 3-16 is an after-school hours’ care service for school-age children. The service bridges the gap between when school finishes and when parents finish work, and provides care during out of school holidays where needed.

With both active and creative activities, from cooking to crafts, to physical activities, musical activities and story-telling – the options are endless. Each Centre Co-ordinator designs the programme, ensuring it meets the needs of the school community, and interests of the children.

Klabb 3-16 caters for children aged between 3 and 16 years who attend State, Church and Independent schools.

A team of dedicated and professionally trained staff runs each Klabb 3-16 Centre. Each centre has a Co-ordinator, who is responsible for the overall running of the respective centre; homework tutors who assist children with their homework; and playworkers who organise hands-on fun activities such as arts and crafts, physical activities, cooking, story telling, musical activities and free play. 

How To Register?

You need to register for the service by completing a registration form (click here) by:
  1. Meeting with the Klabb 3-16 Centre Co-ordinator
  2. Submitting it online by filling the form HERE (click here)
  3. Requesting a copy to be sent by mail, by calling or emailing us at FES (Click here).

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are organised?

The Klabb 3-16 programme delivers age-appropriate activities based on a variety of arts and crafts, physical activities, musical activities, cooking sessions, story telling, and free play.

During the summer programme, activities such as water games and outings are added to the programme.

Can my children do their homework whilst at Klabb 3-16?

Yes. Children can do their homework during the “Homework Session”, which is between 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm. The Homework Session is supervised by qualified teachers.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that homework is completed daily.


Will children stay in their uniforms?

If children wish to change out of their school uniform, they can bring a change of clothes with them. Children are also welcome to bring a pair of slippers / running shoes for comfort. No lockers / storage facilities for children are available.


Who works at Klabb 3-16?

We place significant importance on employing staff that are passionate about childcare and education. Klabb 3-16 employees are selected through a thorough recruitment process.


The Centre Co-ordinator is responsible for the overall operation of the centre, and is the contact person for the respective centre.


Homework tutors are qualified teachers and assist children with their homework.

Playworkers are engaged to enable and facilitate play activities, depending on the needs, personality, age and ability of the child or children 

The team at Klabb 3-16 works to provide a fun and safe environment for children, while supervising and facilitating activities.


What is the ratio of adults to children in Klabb 3-16?

In line with national childcare and early education standards, our homework tutor to child ratio is 1:10, and the playworker to child ratio is 1:15 (ages 3 – 11) and 1:20 (ages 12 – 16).


When I am registered, how do I book for the service?

For all bookings, please call the respective Centre Co-ordinator. Bookings need to be made in advance to ensure appropriate staffing ratios are met.  You can also Book Online. [click here]


How do I cancel my booking?

For all cancellations, please contact the respective Centre Co-ordinator. To ensure safety of all children, we ask that you advise the centre of all cancellations. Notification of the cancellation needs to be confirmed by the parent or carer, not by the child.


Is there a fee for using Klabb 3-16?

Yes, the service is against payment. Fees are paid in advance and must be either handed to the Klabb 3-16 Centre Co-ordinator or paid online (click here). Booking of service is confirmed when payment is issued. 

Summer Bundles (2013) Rate per bundle
Rates 3 days  4 days  5 days                       
  4 weeks           8 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks
 First Child €75    €150 96 €192 115 230
 Sibling Discount €72  €144 €92  184 110 220
Extra Hours: 1.20 euros per extra hours 
Dates 15 July - 13 September  Opening Hours 7.15am  5.15pm    
School Days Bundles (2013-2014) Rate per bundle
2 days per week   12hr - €14.00   16hr - €18.00    24hr - €28.00
    28hr - €32.00   32hr - €36.00   36hr - €42.00
    48hr - €54.00   56hr - €64.00   84hr - €96.00
 3 days per week   18hr - €20.00   24hr - €26.00   36hr - €40.00
    42hr - €46.00   48hr - €52.00   54hr - €60.00
    72hr - €78.00   84hr - €92.00   126hr - €138.00
 4 days per week   24hr - €25.00 32hr - €33.00    48hr - €50.00
    56hr - €58.00   64hr - €66.00   72hr - €75.00
    96hr - €99.00   112hr - €116.00   168hr - €174.00
 5 days per week   30hr - €30.00   50hr - €50.00   70hr - €70.00
    90hr - €90.00   110hr - €110.00   130hr - €130.00
    150hr - €150.00   180hr - €180.00   210hr - €210.00

I want to know more about the programme.

The programmes are created around children’s wants, parents’ needs and reflect the school community values. As each Co-ordinator gets to know the children, they further tailor the activities to the children’s individual interests. This then creates an offering as diverse as the children themselves do.


Klabb 3-16 programme includes things such as:

  • Outdoor play time – sport, general play and inclusive games
  • Construction and manipulative play – art and craft, cooking and indoor games
  • Creative time – musical activities and drama
  • Life skills – role playing, communication and social skills development
  • Homework & quiet time – so when the children go home, they are able to spend quality time with their family
  • Unique experiences – we are working to add other experiences to our programme, such as different sports and artistic activities.


The range of planned activities and resources help to:

  • Encourage interaction and develop social skills across various age groups and family backgrounds
  • Allow for small and large group work to enhance learning opportunities and foster healthy dynamics
  • Provide exciting and innovative activities that meet each child’s developmental needs

Encourage a safe, secure and stimulating environment that will promote emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth

For Schools

The Foundation for Educational Services has been working with schools and colleges for the past 10 years, so we know what works. We know how to go beyond the expectations of College Principals, Head of Schools, parents and children.

We also know that a quality after-school programme does not run itself and that is why we provide all of the necessary expertise, staff and administrative support to manage a fun and vibrant after-school care programme at your school.

We meet with you to understand the requirements of your school and the school community.

We work with you so we design a programme that meets your school’s unique needs. We share what has worked for others and the reasons why.

We implement our plan; communicate to families, get your programme up, and running with children, staff and equipment.

For Employers

For companies / employers interested in knowing more about Klabb 3-16 and how it can benefit you and your employees.


What happens at 2.30 in the afternoon? Students across Malta and Gozo are dismissed from school, and what they do upon dismissal is cause for anxiety among working parents who cannot be home after the school day ends. Parents in the workplace often receive distracting phone calls from their children or their children’s carers. These calls affect the ability of that parent to concentrate on their work and be productive.


After-school services, like Klabb 3-16, can reduce the anxiety of working parents during the hours after school and clearly contribute to increased employee engagement. Klabb 3-16 provides a safe and engaging environment that motivates and inspires learning outside of the regular school day. Practitioners and researchers have found that effective after-school programmes combine academic, cultural and recreational activities to guide learning and engage children and youth in nourishing activities.


Why Should Your Business Care About After-School?

After-school programmes have been proven to keep children safe, increase academic success and help working families. So what does all this do for the business community? Plenty. Not only do businesses have to worry about employees’ productivity but they must also think about employees’ satisfaction and skills. When employees are absent because of childcare issues and new employees need additional training to cover, businesses lose money. After-school programmes, like Klabb 3-16, can address both of these. Businesses should ask themselves not what would it cost to invest in after-school but what will it cost not to invest.


Quality After-School Programmes, Like Klabb 3-16, Alleviate Parents’ Burdens: Klabb 3-16 provides a safe and enriching environment for children while their parents are still at work, allowing them to focus on work and ultimately improve family life.


Supporting After-School Programmes Is A Smart Investment For Business


Before becoming involved in Klabb 3-16, assess what your employees’ needs are, such as how many of them have school-age children (3 to 16), what their current care arrangements look like and whether those arrangements are the best available. This will also allow you some insight into how your employees’ childcare and after-school care concerns affect productivity. This initial assessment could also be used as a baseline if you care to evaluate how effective your after-school efforts are, in terms of employee satisfaction.


How Can Your Business Become Involved in Klabb 3-16?

Now that you know why your business should get involved with after-school services, the question becomes: How do you do it? There are a number of ways to help, but the most important step you can take in getting involved is to assess your environment and make your efforts match your company’s needs. Here are a couple of ideas and methods that you can bring to your business:


TRACKING RESOURCES FOR EMPLOYEES: One basic task can be learning about the school-age after-school care resources that already exist around you and creating a convenient resource for employees who need to find care. Having your human resources department keep a database of Klabb 3-16 centres will be much more efficient than a number of individual employees spending time during the workday to do the same thing, each on their own. This database can also serve as a resource for employees who are looking for a place to do volunteer work.


ESTABLISHING CHILDCARE AND AFTER-SCHOOL CARE FUNDING / BENEFITS Many companies set aside a portion of pre-tax earnings to cover some travel-related expenses, such as fuel expenses. Consider providing a similar option to help employees cover their child/after-school care expenses.


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